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Kensington Blackbelt 1St Degree Rugged Case For Ipad Air 2

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iPad Air 2 rugged case, great value protection!

The Kensington Blackbelt 1st degree rugged case is a bit of a moutfull but gen again it does offer military grade protection against drops or damage for your iPad Air 2.  Surrounding your case in a strong cushioned layer of rubber, with a non-slip grip that will also prevent your iPad to slip off the desk or table.  With reinforced corners there is also a raised bexel that protects the screen from scrathces.

And even though you are protected from evey anle, the Kensington Blackbelt case still gives you access to all the ports and controls.

The Blackelt case is not a fully enclosed case so it doesn't offer protection against the elemenst as some of our other rigged cases do, but as far as we know, this is the best value protective case for your iPad.  Add a screen-protector, and you are still paying less for every day protection of your precisous iPad Air 2.

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