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Pogo Connect 2 - the new and improved model

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Pogo Connect Bluetooth stylus - new model, compatible with the iPad Air, Air 2 and all iPad Mini models

Not just a stylus but a bluetooth pen that enables you to draw or sketch on your iPad just as if you had a canvas. It converts your iPad into a digital canvas! &nbsp;Add one or more of the various brush tips and you are ready to create whatever takes your fancy (purchased separately - click on Related Product tab).&nbsp;The Pogo Connect will let you draw with different line widths and it works with lots of drawing and note-taking apps. &nbsp;It's great for writing too because the "smarts" ignores any pressure you may put on the screen through your wrist or palm.</span>

The Pogo Connect is very sensitive when used on a capacitive touch screen, you can write at any angle that suits you and your style and it doesn't require calibration.

This bluetooth stylus pen is even so clever that you can't lose it - the free Pogo Connect App will make your iPad act as a "homing device" and find your wayward pen for you (at least if it is in the same room, just don't lose it on a plane!)

Works with all model iPads and iPad Mini, iPad 1 and 2 require the free bridge app to connect.

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