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Apex Plus fine-point active stylus

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TruGlide Apex Plus - with smartsense for even better battery life

The Apex Plus adds a power saving mode to the already excellent Apex II, goes into power saving mode after 3 minutes of inactivity, and turns itself off after 20 minutes.  With silent tip technology, the Apex Plus uses a conductive polymer tip that glides smoothly across your screen just like a pen.  Without the need for Bluetooth, the "active circuitry" enables the stylus to draw a fine line,and without the limitation of having to use a particular app, unlike many other active styluses.  The Apex Plus also uses AAA batteries, a spare is included and these batteries are easy to find!  A spare tip is also included in the package, plus you can buy replacement tips, see the Related Products tab.

The TruGlide Apex 2 is compatible with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 as well as the iPad Air/Air 2 and all models of the iPad Mini.  It will work with your Android tablet, too.

Note 1: The Apex does not directly support Palm Rejection, but many iPad apps that incorporate that feature will work well with the Apex.

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