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Pogo Sketch Plus - quality stylus that works on any iPad, smartphone or tablet

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Pogo Sketch Plus - bright, lightweight stylus for your iPad, iPhone, Tablet or any other smartphone

One of the most enduring stylus products in more ways than one. This upgraded version incorporates a new tip providing more consistent and smoother operation. When you love your tools, you enjoy your work. We think you're going to enjoy using Pogo Sketch Plus.

Reprises everything you loved from the original version: bold colours, minimal design, and a highly flexible spring steel clip. To this it brings the accuracy and low-friction of an all new tip. This tip leverages patent-pending advances from the Pogo Sketch Pro. You'll notice a huge difference.

Solid stylus construction

Pogo Sketch+ is built from aluminum, anodised for scratch protection and outstanding colour. If you're into math, there's even a binary-encoded message on the pocket clip.  Cool right?  (please say yes)

Go anywhere, use everywhere

Express yourself on the iPad or your android tablet. Fingers are great, but when you need accuracy, the Pogo Sketch Plus stylus is better. For your touch-screen device, anyway!

  • Sign documents without printing or scanning. Great with Autograph signature capture program.
  • Turn your MacBook trackpad into a pen tablet! With the Inklet App, your trackpad can emulate a pen tablet.
  • Wear gloves in the winter? (We don't, but we are in sunny Queensland, not everyone can be so lucky!) Answer calls and surf the web all while keeping your hands toasty.
  • Longer nails can be a problem with tablets. Using your Pogo Sketch Plus, you'll soon find that problem is history!

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